Carwashguy Project


Old Car Wash Guy Site

A friend of mine had a car washing business and I saw the link to his site(above). After visiting his site I believed it did not do his business justice. I know he does good work so I figured his website should have a design to reflect that. But the way I went about the redesign was very indirect. I was having trouble getting gigs so I took another approach, by designing and layout out the site without his approval. I created the site locally, and decided to upload it onto my old profile site. My idea was that I would lead him there somehow and he would get such a kick out of it that he would purchase it from me!

Not sure if this was a good idea, seeing as how it didn’t work at all, but this might be a one off. Either way, I liked how it turned out, I actually made two functioning versions, with included instagram api usage (my own instagram used for security reasons obviously). I really didn’t like the first version so I went ahead and threw it out to make the second. I will show them both here.

Version 1


Version 2

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