Retrieve Time Machine Backup Data from old Macbook

Installed Rockbox on ipod classic 6th gen, and was able to run DOOM! Very happy to be able to dust off the old ipod classic and give it some new life. I have been wanting to get my old iTunes playlist back and be able to play it from my ipod. That playlist is about 70gb of music that is sitting on my external hard drive backup from my broken macbook. I had it stored from using Time Machine, which brought a lot of pain, this post is how I was able to not only bypass the permissions error’s but also unravel the timemachine folder/data pointers to where the files actually lived. All of this was done in Ubuntu…

I created a new user with administration priviledges, and also set a password. then in the terminal
I ran some commands

//set new user UID to ‘501’ (syncs with the UID the mac is looking for)
$: sudo usermod -u 501 dale
//typed in pass
//Then logged in terminal as new user
$: su – dale
//then changed ownership of all the files in the time machine
$dale: sudo chown -R /media/timeMachineFolder
//then ran the code
$dale: sudo <script to copy> <source timeMachine folder> <target where I want to copy to>

I had about 300gb + to copy so it took a while. Below are the links I referred to.


//Why I was having a permissions issue…

//Script to copy files to target location (unravel time machine data)

©Larry Buffaloboy