A Little Experiment…

I am attempting a small experiment. I commute an hour to and from work each day, I want to see what effect listening to podcasts have on me versus listening to music. I will do one week of podcasts and one week of music. Things I will be tracking will be my general mood, productivity and creativity. I will journal and note things best I can, so this will not be the most accurate study, but I think it will be good for me personally.

I love listening to podcasts and I love my music. Podcasts have made a big boom in the last few years, which is when I started listening. Before then I only listened to music, and previously thought I couldn’t ever listen to a talk show. But I have got to the point where I forgot what it was like to listen to just music in the car, I was only doing podcasts for a long time. I know these two different forms of audio do take different effects on my brain and mood. Here are some preconceived notions I already have:

Podcasts: Information based. Story driven, sometimes can distract me outside of commuting because I can’t put it down. Opens me up to a lot of other peoples ideas and has been known to get me motivated in certain directions before.

Music: Gets me feeling creative, my music choice gives me a sense of identity. I also love staying on top of the current music trends and having some tracks to impress people. Music can help me through any mood or feeling, or change them. I tend to think a lot more for myself while listening to music.

Curious what the outcome will be. I hope a week is long enough to get a reading. I assume my end result will just be to intermix the two, but this also ties into a topic I will write about later, Consuming vs Creating. I presume, I can lean more into creating if I stick to music. We will see, I will provide updates in a later post.

©Larry Buffaloboy