Aftermath: Music vs Podcasts

Music Week

After a week in each audio format, I have learned a little more about myself. The music week was slow to start because I was used to listening to mostly podcasts with a sprinkle of music here and there. So I felt the urge to flip on a podcast constantly. One of the biggest takeaways was just how much more creative I felt consuming that much music. I was much more focused and had a lot more ideas streaming through me than usual. I think it could be that music activates that creative part of your brain and also lets you get into your head a little bit more. You can really zone out in thought and emotion. Music has a way of moving my emotional state, or if I choose, wallow in a certain state depending on the song. I also think music enhances my feeling of individuality, choosing my songs, repeat listening, and sharing with others. I have always viewed someones music selection as a big indicator of who they are. I also believe I was more open and relaxed, especially sitting through traffic, which is tough to do. My overall mood during and after a long commute was better.

Podcast Week

Something I learned during this process was about our input vs output ratio. Podcast are a gigantic input source for your brain. You are essentially engaging in a mind transfer listening to other people talk about there dreams, passions, goals and motivations. It is great for opening yourself up to new ideas and processes, learning other peoples mistakes, or strategies. But at the same time you can get lost in it. You can get lost in other peoples thoughts, get consumed in their life. Podcasts offer a wealth of information, and once I get a taste I feel like I get a lust for more information. During that week I found myself much more distracted. When I got to work I would be online trying to find more information, ie youtube/blogs. There is also something about stopping a podcast midway though to walk into your job. You want the rest of the story, sometimes that means turning it back on and listening while your trying to work. Which is not productive or efficient.

Consuming Vs Creating

This is a ratio we need to all keep in check. I feel better when I am creating much more than consuming, more accomplished, more creative, more individualistic, and much happier with myself. It is easier to relax knowing you put out all you could in a day or week. Podcasts can really tip the scale in the consuming portion because it is so rich and heavy. With music you get short bursts of energy to your creative side of the brain while podcasts activate your more rational thinking side. When I get caught up there I become a little more closed off. Also constantly being consumed in another persons story really sets you up for things like jealousy, or feelings of not being good enough. Someone else has more, or you are not good in comparison. Comparing yourself to other people. Which is not bad in itself but needs to be limited. Music is a good way to keep the blinders on and moving forward. Podcasts have a way of keeping you looking in all directions, losing focus on the end goal. They open me up to millions of other possibilities, which is good sometimes, but needs to be kept at bay.

Songs I listened to

Podcasts I listened to

This is Only A Test

The Tim Ferris Show

Planet Money

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