Vetting my Side Hustle Ideas

Side Hustle by Chris Guillebeau

I recently read a book called “Side hustle: From Idea to Income in 27 days”.The book was about how to turn your side hustle into a legit business, with the idea that you work a full time job and don’t have time to run a corporation. From my notes I took on the book, I generated a template to vet my future ideas. Like most people, I tell myself “Hey I’m the idea man!”, aren’t we all? I have plenty ideas, but hopefully now I can vet some of those ideas and figure out which ones are feasible for a side hustle and which ones are just pipe dreams. Here is a sample of my template, maybe I can make another post on actually using it later.

Ideas must be feasible, profitable and persuasive.

Bad Ideas:

Good ideas:

Three types of businesses:

Answer These Questions:

Rank your list of ideas from high, medium to low on these meters:

Always Remember:

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