Defining Your Problem

Problem Solving

I am learning more and more that in order to solve for a problem, you have to have a very clear definition on what exactly that problem is. A lot of times I will jump into a solution far too quickly, only to hit a brick wall or produce a slump solution, all because I never clearly defined the problem I was trying to solve. Asking the ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘how’ is vital to truly identifying the best options.

If you are having trouble finding a solution then you haven’t clearly defined the problem.

For cyber Monday this year I bought a class on Udemy called the UX Web Design Master Course. It was a good refresher on a lot of basic concepts and high level thinking when it comes to user experience design. I think with any problem, I find myself starting work much too fast. Here is a few things I pulled from the course, and I created a template from the class notes. Currently, I am using the template to redesign my portfolio site once again!


Importance VS feasibility

“Can’t be measured, Can’t be achieved.”

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