30/30 Squat Challenge

I have always been active most of my life, playing recreational sports and exercising. As I age the more aches and pains seem to pop up. I can only assume it was from years of not wearing the right gear and not stretching! I am learning that the mobility and flexibility of my Legs, hips and ankles are terrible. One particular test I failed is the calf tightness test, where you place your foot 5″ from a wall and try to touch your knee to the wall without lifting your heel. Without that calf flexibility it means a host of issues stemming from increased load to other areas of my feet and ankles. 

Lung Test Photo

Any kind of running can be brutal to your joints when your lower body is inflexible and tight. I believe a lot of my aches and pains are from that inflexibility and immobility. I have been watching Tom Merrick’s youtube channel for some time now and his content is all about becoming more mobile. He refers to a book, ‘Becoming a Supple Leopard’ by Dr. Kelly Starrett, which inspires some of his videos. I am looking to get the book as soon as possible.  

Supple Leopard Book Cover
Becoming a Supple Leopard by Dr. Kelly Starrett
My goal for fitness is injury prevention, health longevity and functional strength. Without proper range of motion I will not have a foundation to stand on. I have learned that my squat position is totally incorrect, and I can’t believe I was loading up with weights, most likely making the issues worse. I will be halting the weighted squat for a while, and focusing on getting full range of motion in my squat, ‘ass to grass’ as they say. Right now I can only get to about a 90 degree angle from my shins, and this has to be a source of a lot of my issues. Also it is the reason I could never get good rotation on my windmills back in my bboy days.

I decided to go for the 30 for 30 squat challenge designed by Ido Portal. 30 minute deep squats a day, for 30 days. Tom Merrick sited this for how he got his squat form on point, and I have read about a few others who were able to accomplish the same. This would be a huge accomplishment for me physically, and I hope it will be a great foundation to build off of moving forward.   

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