Finally I am getting back to posting. I am planning on one post a day in order to keep up churning out content. I might just do this for a set amount of time and then scale back how I see fit. This is a venture that I just need to pour myself into, in order for me to ever let go of the idea I intend to explore a variety of topics and keep myself entertained most of all!

Lately I have been working on developing a stock lookup for google sheets. I am helping a day trader to automate some of his workflow by developing a way to integrate stock information into his existing spreadsheet. This is an interesting problem, and I have been very impressed with how much is possible within google sheets and google app scripts. I will try to release a version for public consumption at some point. 


Dave Season 2. This show is ridiculous, I loved the first season and can’t believe how talented Lil Dicky is. I am about halfway through now.

Dave Season 2 Poster

My fiance and I are making our way through BoJack Horseman, this show is perfect to just flip on and feel better about who you are as a person. 

Bojack Horeseman TV show


About Face – The Odyssey of an American Warrior. This book has me hooked right now. I didn’t know I would like war stories this much, but this guy is a badass. This book is constantly mentioned by Jocko Willink so I had to check it out eventually, pretty thick but full of great stories and lessons. 

About Face Book


I know I am late on this, but Portal is a great game. Just beat it recently, good puzzles and funny storyline. I am onto the sequel next.

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