Minecraft to Life

I am a longtime Minecraft player, been playing since beta. I can take long breaks but I always come back. There are a lot of iterations since the release, but I stick to the vanilla gameplay. Here is a quick thought on what I believe Minecraft has taught me. 


Project Planning


Creating a build in Minecraft can be as easy as digging a 2×2 hole or as complex as an entire kingdom. There are all types of different structures you can build, but each one requires a process. I got into building and when you build a lot you start to develop this process further. 


Idea Phase


Something starts ticking around your head and doesn’t leave until you have manifested the idea.




Checkout youtube, google images, create some sketches on paper. Find the perfect area to build, figure out the materials you need, Go into creative mode and play around prototyping.


Task and Priority List


Gather materials, prep the area, terraform. Break large projects into smaller tasks.




Get the barebones laid out, take it one step at a time. Step back and view, always making constant iterations. Time usually allocates 20% building and 80% decorating. Most of the time is on the finer details.

Last is the extreme dopamine rush of having a completed project to look at and use. Each building and project adds together to make your game experience exponentially better.
©Larry Buffaloboy