Math Track

My plan is to re-educate myself on the subject of high school math. I have been in a few situations which make me question if I have almost completely lost my abilities. The hope is that this will greatly aid me in many other areas of my work. My plan is to take it slow and do a little bit each day. I heard something recently, ‘Build a Mountain’, and I think a math foundation is a mountain of its own. Each module or new piece you learn factors into the next piece. And the more you stack and build, you will have a mountain before you know it. 

The Plan

  1. Arithmetic
  2. Basic Geometry
  3. Pre-Algebra
  4. Algebra 1
  5. High School Geometry
  6. Algebra 2

Khan academy is set up in modules, I have a specific list of modules I want to get through and by the end we will see if I want to continue or not. My plan to get there is strategic. Each module has quizzes, tests, and course challenges. I plan to operate from these metrics since I might know some of the items already, and I will watch the videos only if the assessment is completely foreign to me. I plan to take it one piece at a time and will not move forward until I have mastered the topic. Which I have defined as taking the assessment three times in a row with speed and no errors. Part of it will be my own comfort and how I feel like I understand that particular section. Khan academy will say you mastered a course just because you got all the answers correct on the unit test, but I know for myself that I can advance without truly understanding. I will track this journey and see where we end up, hopefully with a great base in which to build off of, and even use math more often in everyday situations.

©Larry Buffaloboy