Portfolio Revamp V0.01

Designing my own profile page has become one of the most troubling and hard experiences for me over the years. I must have fully redesigned and moved around this domain at least 10 times by now. Designing your own profile and assets is something I have seen others complain about too, it is probably better to get someone else to help design your site, something I might consider for the future.

For now I am happy with the end result, there are definitely some things to fix, most of all is my workflow. I need to develop and document a step by step workflow in order to get in and make changes quickly. I found some good resources for that. As of now, the site will stay relatively the same for a while. I tried to boil my end goals for the site down as much as possible and remove ALL fluff.

My top priorities for this site are as follows:

  1. Blogging
  2. Social links

That’s it. This site should be simple and emphasize the main reason I have it, which is to store my writings. I want others to be able to see that I am actively working and how they can reach me through my socials. I intend for this to be a playground for my ideas and a reference for later. I have many competing thoughts on designs, but I can’t help but feel distracted by other sites that just don’t give you what you are looking for.

This site is to read my writings and to connect with me. I don’t believe that it needs too much flash for that. I also focused mainly on mobile, which I am now thinking that the desktop version is a little lacking. I will be spending some time thinking about this. But I needed to get this out of the way, since before this update I didn’t have my socials listed. My plan now is to put this on the back burner and focus in on some other projects I have in mind.

©Larry Buffaloboy