Math Progress #2

I am finished with Arithmetic. I have been been breezing through a lot of modules. I am finding that I really do remember a good amount, I just need to be reminded. I had most of my trouble with division and fractions, I had to relearn how to solve by hand. So far I have a much better understanding of these basic concepts. I also very much enjoy doing math daily.

Now I am onto geometry, just the basics now. I don’t really remember every type of shape, but I do remember a good deal about angles and some of the formulas. I have been breezing through these modules as well, I feel like algebra will be the same since I might just need a nudge here or there. At this rate, I know I could finish Algebra 2 next year. I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I wonder if I will want to continue learning. I will have to map out what those steps are and see if that will be worthwhile!

©Larry Buffaloboy