My Productivity Function

I am a huge fan of the Getting things Done book by David Allen. I have been following his ‘GTD’ method for some years. The biggest takeaways of his system are the next actions list and weekly reviews. There is a lot of great material about how to systemize your tasks, I highly suggest reading it. But the weekly review and next actions list is a big part of my system for staying on top of tasks and goal setting.

At a broad level this is the layout of my system. At the top I have yearly/quarterly goals and reviews set up. From there I do a weekly review to collect and process items from week to week. All of my reference notes are stored in Evernote and my tasks are tracked in trello. I keep most of my calendar events in google cal, but make daily time blocking with a paper calendar using the passion planner.

Right now I am not happy with Trello, it just doesn’t do everything that I want. I need a way to just log daily, where I write down thoughts and tasks. This is going to be an upcoming project for me. But I do appreciate the kanban simplicity for managing tasks. Over the years my system has undergone many changes and I foresee a lot more in the future. Expect updates.

©Larry Buffaloboy